How to Become a Vegetarian or Vegan Within 8 Weeks
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In the following pages you will find

  • Unique "tricks" to reduce non-vegetarian food cravings.
  • 3 Vegetarian foods that you can use immediately to replace meat.
  • Why people fail to continue as a vegetarian and how you can avoid this.
  • Critical mistakes to avoid.
  • The #1 tip for a successful transformation.
  • Easy steps to become a vegetarian without a struggle.

Most of the readers have informed us that after following this 3 step guide they either managed to become 100% vegetarian or they are on their way to become vegetarians or vegans.

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5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to be a Vegetarian or a Vegan

1. Most of the new vegetarians and vegans cannot survive more than a week and they go back to non-vegetarian food. This is mainly because of wrong approach to vegetarianism.

2. Never try to become an overnight vegetarian. You MUST change gradually.

3. Boring vegetarian food can push you back to non-vegetarian meals. You must carefully select your food, especially during the initial stage.

4. Your mind plays a major role during the transition process. You must know a few simple techniques to put your mind on the right path.

5. You must have a step-by-step plan to become a vegetarian.

Which type of a vegetarian do you want to be?

There are 4 types of vegetarians and you need to decide which type you are going to select.

Lacto vegetarians Ė They eat dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter apart from their normal vegetarian food. They donít eat eggs, fish and meat.

Ovo vegetarian Ė Thy eat eggs, but donít eat dairy products, meat and fish.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian Ė This type of vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs and donít eat meat or fish.

Vegan Ė Some says vegan is a separate category and not belongs to vegetarians. Vegans donít eat dairy products or eggs. Not only that they donít use and products made from animals such as leather products, wool clothes etc.

Can you lose weight by becoming a vegetarian?

In my experience this is a myth and the answer is a big NO. If you are a vegetarian and if you still eat a lot of high carb foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes then you wonít lose weight. However, vegetarians can lose weight much quicker because vegetarians can adapt to a weight lose diet plan. If you are going vegetarian for the reason to lose weight then you must understand this.

Stop eating dead bodies

Eating fish or meat is nothing but eating dead bodies. Perhaps the body may be couple of months old (in canned meat and fish). Do you really want to eat this?

Iíll put the message in a different way. Will you eat a dead rat? If your answer is NO then how can you eat a dead pig? Make sense? Did you get the point?

Try This

Simply become a vegetarian for a week. At the end notice your physical and mental changes. You will feel healthier. Your mind will be less stressful. Trust me for this.

Here's the REAL way to become a vegetarian or a vegan...

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