Future Vegetarians and Vegans
Avoid These Critical Mistakes

If you are planning to become a vegetarian or a vegan then you MUST avoid these critical mistakes.

Why Overnight Vegetarians Fail?

Overnight vegetarianism is the most common practice in the society. People decide to become a vegetarian after a particular day and suddenly stop eating non-vegetarian food from that day onwards. This is the #1 mistake anyone could do. Quite often these overnight vegetarian do not survive more than a week.

Why do they fail?

By eating non-vegetarian food for years your mind has been automatically trained or programmed to enjoy non-vegetarian food. Your mind does not know a better taste than non-vegetarian food. Just imagine you have access to the most delicious vegetarian dishes in the world. Still your mind will be always looking for non-vegetarian food. Because it has been trained to do so.

This is something very hard to change overnight. That is why most of the overnight vegetarians fail within a week. The mind cannot resist non- vegetarian food no matter how badly you want to become a vegetarian.

So what is the solution?

Simple. Always do the transition gradually. You need to train your mind in a certain way to believe the taste of vegetarian food. Systematically replace the craving desire to eat non-vegetarian food with a desire to eat vegetarian food.

Trust me. If you know how to cook Mushrooms, Soy and Tofu in a certain way then you will never want to eat meat. You do not have to be a master chef to do this. What you need is a bit of creativity and imagination. I will talk more about this topic later.

What if you do not know how to cook at all? Then go and find a restaurant that has those food items in their menu. Try with a few restaurants and you will find the best dishes in one of them.

Another Mistake to Avoid

Most of the people who try to become vegetarian do so without knowing much about vegetarian food. This is a critical mistake. You MUST be familiar with vegetarian food systematically before making the switch.

Ask yourself the following questions.

What type of vegetarian dishes have I tasted? If you havenít tried many vegetarian dishes then you donít know much about vegetarian food.

Do I know the type of vegetarian food available for me? I doubt you can list more than 20 items. Have a look at the Vegetarian Recipes page. There are 1000 recipes in this book itself.

Have I experienced very tasty vegetarian food? Was any one of them tasty for me? In case you answered NO, it does not mean all vegetarian food is not tasty. Itís simply that you havenít had a chance to eat tasty vegetarian food. Do a quick research about good vegetarian restaurants in your area and try a few dishes. It may surprise you.

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